Did you know that when you retire, you no longer have to use one of the endorsed providers of 403(b) products on your school district list.  Don’t confuse the word “endorsed” with free from conflicts of interest.  Don’t confuse the word “endorsed” with low cost.  Don’t confuse the word “endorsed” with some formal vetting process.  If you are politically connected to the school district, any provider can get on the list.  But, at retirement, you no longer have to work with a salesperson from a list.  You can work with anyone and we recommend a fee-only advisor.  Fee-only advisors can’t sell you a product and earn a commission.   Fee-only advisors look for low cost solutions for your rollover and 403(b) accounts.  Fee-only advisors must adhere to the highest fiduciary standards.

Choose a fee-only advisor who is an expert in helping teachers make smart retirement decisions. 



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