Discovery is a critical first step to beginning the retirement planning process for teachers.  But, unfortunately, it’s often overlooked by those who have a product to sell or those who haven’t retired before.

Discovery is about uncovering all the different nuances about you so that a cohesive retirement plan can be developed and that you can make the best choices in choosing a PSERS pension option, investing your lump sum, filing for social security, and much more!

That might sound easy but it’s really an art.  Here are some discoveries we’ve made about our clients in the past that have had an impact on their decisions:

1.        The retiree or spouse has had serious medical issues

2.       A large inheritance could happen in the future

3.       The retiree owns life insurance and is no longer insurable

4.       There is longevity in the family

5.       There are relationship issues with grown children

6.       There is more than a five year difference in age between spouses

7.       The spouse has a pension

The answers to any of these questions could dramatically impact your decisions.  It’s far better to slow down and consider them now, before retirement, than when you can no longer change your mind.  Come in and we’ll show you just how much there is to discover about your life.  It’s a vital first step and could make a huge impact on your decisions and retirement years!




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