Have you ever had someone create a written financial plan for you only to put the document on a shelf and never reference it again?  These kinds of plans typically come with all sorts of charts and graphs that tell you how much money you are going to have in the future.  But, these plans will undoubtedly prove to be false despite the pretty pages that they are printed on.

Life happens – situations change, goals change, careers change, families change, health changes, and it’s impossible to predict any of it!  Combine that with economic changes and you can really get a serious headache.  So, instead of holding onto the precision that appears to be the plan, a better approach might be to think of the plan as more of a fluid process that continually adapts to the changing reality of your life.  The process requires frequent poking and prodding to make sure you continue on the right track which twists and turns rather than a straight line.  And, work with an advisor who is skilled at really hearing what you are saying and who is an invaluable partner to help you achieve your goals.  It really is an art.




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